Hack Aye

Hack Aye is a new creative technology organisation dedicated to exploring open ideology in different areas of life. We’re developing an engagement model to increase the ability of young people to participate in work, learning and community.

We started in 2015 with a program of hackdays and maker events, challenging young people to visualise the change they want to see—connecting them to the skills, tools and networks to drive this transformation.

With activities taking place throughout Scotland, creating opportunities for young people to get involved in arts, tech and activism, we’re drawing inspiration from (and linking to) international movements and networks. Our program structure is decentralised, openly documented and networked. We aim to support multiple levels of involvement, with participants free to engage as little or as much as they like, or even anonymously.

This post explores our model in more detail: Hacking Participation

Not long after Hack Aye started, we gave this presentation at the Scottish Trades Union Congress Organising Seminar in March 2015, showing how open ideology, the hacker ethic and maker culture could inform potential engagement channels for activist movements:

Check out the blog for an overview of some of the events we’ve been involved in so far.

We also contributed this article to Scottish Left Review: Participation and the Hacker Ethic

For more info or if you’d like to get involved comment below or email info@hackaye.com

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Who we are

Hack Aye started as an experimental collaboration in early 2015 and became a constituted creative technology collective / unincorporated membership association later in the year – Jennifer Hunter and Sue Smith are its co-founders.

Sue Smith has worked as a developer and technical writer with various web publications and the Mozilla Foundation. Wee bit of arts management before that. Email sue@hackaye.com

Jennifer Hunter has a background as a musician, community arts development officer, music promoter, activist and organiser at the Musicians’ Union. Email jen@hackaye.com